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Destiny Middle School educators credit flexibility, professional development

When Chay Dixon walks into her classroom at Destiny Middle school, she knows she has the ability to be creative in her daily lessons and the flexibility needed to help her students succeed.

“I control whether or not we’re ready to move on,” Chay said. “If I feel like we need to spend more time on a subject, we do. If we are ready to move ahead, we do. I feel like I’m the one creating the curriculum.”

At Destiny Middle School, Tacoma’s first public charter middle school, Chay said she found a group of educators who share her energetic approach to reaching all learners.

I came here because I wanted to teach in a way to reach kids and show them their potential. This school is a place for people with the firm belief that education can change lives.

Destiny Middle School opened its doors in August 2015 to its inaugural group of sixth graders and has plans to roll up to a full 6-8th grade middle school over three years. Destiny, which is tuition-free and open to all students, is accepting applications now for incoming sixth and seventh graders and is hiring teachers to join the team of the growing school. Destiny is a part of the larger Green Dot Public Schools, which has a mission to help transform public education so ALL students graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life.

A rigorous teaching approach

At Destiny Middle School, teachers are innovative in their teaching, finding new ways to make sure students are mastering subjects. They personalize learning and use data to help guide their teaching.

For Jaime Morin, a math teacher at Destiny Middle School, she appreciates that teachers can be innovative in their teaching, finding new ways to make sure students are mastering subjects. She has time to personalize learning and use data to help guide her in the classroom.

I love the growth mindset here,” Jaime said. “As a teacher, I have the support that I need to do my job. And I appreciate that we are creating a path for all of our students to attend college.

Green Dot Washington

“Teachers at Destiny Middle School, like at all Green Dot Public Schools, are part of a forward-thinking and fast-moving culture that combines a rigorous curriculum with the academic counseling and support that students need and deserve”, said Bree Dusseault, Executive Director of Green Dot Washington.

“Our teachers are making a difference every day,” Bree said. “I am so impressed by the passion I see in our classrooms. We are making a difference for a diverse group of students, many of whom have been historically underserved. Our teachers are working together and finding solutions to ensure academic success for our kids.”

Focused professional development

Teachers receive feedback in an environment that encourages collaboration with peers. And there are opportunities to grow through data-driven professional development, Bree said.

In addition, Jaime said, teachers really support one another in their work.

Green Dot Washington

“We spend time in each other’s classrooms to offer support and to work together,” Jaime said. “I have never worked with such an incredible staff of dedicated people.”

The professional development is sometimes teacher led and offered twice a week.

“We videotape ourselves in the classroom and watch it and work on our skills,” Chay says. “We are always looking for feedback and ways to be better. We are always learning.”

Are you a good fit to become part of Green Dot Public Schools?

Destiny Middle School is currently hiring sixth and seventh grade teachers. Do you:

  • believe all students deserve to realize their full potential
  • want to change the outcomes of underperforming schools
  • want to work hard, so you can see your students — and yourself – grow

If so, consider applying to join our amazing team at Destiny Middle School.

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