Building a Next Generation Internship Program

September 22, 2016
Summer Internship

Throughout the summer at the Green Dot Public Schools’ home office, there were a half-dozen new faces working at desks, attending meetings, and walking the hallways. They belonged to the students in Green Dot’s first-ever internship program.


Soaring with the Eagles in Memphis, TN

September 20, 2016
Sharon Gorsich

Since starting her role as Assistant Principal at Wooddale Middle School, Sharon Gorsich has made strengthening the school’s connection to the neighborhood around it one of her chief priorities.


Connecting High School Scientists Across the Green Dot Network

September 15, 2016
Green Dot Network

Key to what we do at Green Dot is provide our students with opportunities they might not be able to get elsewhere. And that involves all of our staff getting to know our students so they can identify where those opportunities might be.


A New Vision for Kirby Middle School

September 8, 2016
Kirby Middle School

“I come from a strong family of educators who believe in teaching children, reaching children while working in communities to change their circumstances,” says Kirby Middle School Principal Deadre Ussery. For Principal Deadre Ussery, creating truly successful outcomes means more than just helping students thrive–it means lifting families and communities along the way.


“A more Perfect Union” The Importance of Labor Day

September 1, 2016
Labor Day

As we reflect on the history and the meaning of Labor Day and rightly celebrate organized workers’ accomplishments, we must work to expand those to all in our nation, and to think and stand for the whole, seeing our country truly as “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Back to School 2016-2017: Looking Ahead to the New School Year

August 25, 2016
Back to School

As the new school year kicks off, we have been bustling with many details on all of our Green Dot Public School campuses.


Immersive Learning Takes Off at the Locke Jetspace

August 12, 2016
immersive learning

Too often, our learning spaces are isolated from the vitality of the surrounding community. Green Dot Public Schools’ commitment to students’ potential means providing an immersive, educational space where students, teachers, and professionals can meet and collaborate to develop real world skills and think in unconventional ways. The JetSpace is an example of such a space.


#HopesAndDreams for the New School Year

August 8, 2016
Hopes and Dreams

Christina de Jesus at AGDD 2016 from Green Dot Public Schools on Vimeo. Angel Maldonado at AGDD 2016 from Green Dot Public Schools on Vimeo. Marco Petruzzi at AGDD 2016 from Green Dot Public Schools on Vimeo. Tim Ojetunde at AGDD 2016 from Green Dot Public Schools on Vimeo. As an organization, Green Dot Public…


Helping Grow Global Citizens in South LA

August 4, 2016
global citizen

David Gomez, a Junior at Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School, represents Los Angeles and his community at the Global Citizens Youth Summit.


Ease into the First Day of School with Summer Bridge

July 21, 2016
Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is offered to all incoming sixth- and ninth-graders – those students taking the big step from one school environment to another. The program is meant to ease those first-day fears students experience when stepping onto a new campus.


Strengthening Community Hubs, One Green Dot School at a Time — Now in Florence-Firestone

July 14, 2016
Animo Florence Firestone

As Green Dot Public Schools prepares to open a new middle school, Ánimo Florence-Firestone Middle School, in the fall, it isn’t hard to pin down why founding Principal Josh Hartford is excited about the new campus and community we are serving.


Becoming a #GreenDotGrad to make College Dreams Come True

July 8, 2016

Green Dot Public Schools experienced many thrills during our graduation ceremonies in June. But the biggest one of all is the success of our thousands of graduating seniors. Making college dreams come true is really what drives everyone at Green Dot. We believe, we know, that a college education can be life-changing. We see proof of that each time one of our past grads returns to campus.


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