What Does "Ánimo" Mean?

February 13, 2015
Animo Ralph Bunche Graduation

Of Green Dot’s 22 schools, 17 have the word Ánimo in their name. What does ánimo mean? And why is it so important to Green Dot?


The Core Values that Guide Us

January 15, 2015
Green Dot Mosaic

Green Dot’s core values reflect the principles that direct the decisions we make.


It’s All About the Students

December 23, 2014
Green Dot ASLA Student

We have an expression at Green Dot that captures one of our core beliefs: It’s all about the students. Everything we do, every decision we make, every piece of curriculum we consider, we measure it against the positive difference it might make for our students.


Celebrating 15 Years of Possibility

December 17, 2014
15 Years of Green Dot Public Schools

We invite you to stand with us as we celebrate our past 15 years and look ahead to the positive years of possibilities.


Green Dot Public Schools – What’s in a Name?

November 8, 2014
Green Dot Public Schools Logo

The “Green Dot” in our name carries a meaningful connection to our founding 15 years ago, and it reminds of our dedication to the communities we serve.


What It Means to Be Green

November 1, 2014

The color green can mean many things, but for Green Dot Public Schools it stands for growth, opportunity, being open to possibilities, and getting going.


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