An Inside Look at Distance Learning at Ánimo Florence-Firestone

When school districts around the nation shifted to distance learning, we reimagined our learning environments. Through a 100% live distance learning model, digital tools, and collaboration, Ánimo Florence Firestone Charter Middle School has built a virtual launchpad to help our students succeed on their path to college.

When Green Dot students attend their online classes, they receive at least three and a half hours of live instruction daily, and connect and engage with their teachers and peers in real-time. Our teachers and counselors have found new ways to connect with our students, including virtual office hours, using interactive class material, and even building online portals for additional resources.

Watch how Ánimo Florence-Firestone nurtures the potential that lives within all students.

Distance Learning

Ánimo Florence-Firestone has developed new practices and made critical investments in digital technology to build community in our virtual classrooms.


Amid distance learning, Advisory has remained a crucial safe zone for students where students cope with the unprecedented shifts in their lives.


Our Green Dot counselors are inspiring. They’ve shown our students, families, and staff the importance of rigor and how it’s never too early to prepare for college.

Virtual Tools

Our educators and curriculum specialists have worked tirelessly to discover and master the best digital tools for learning.

Academic Support

Our distance learning model works because our teachers are committed to preparing all students for college, leadership, and life. At Ánimo Florence-Firestone, educators make themselves available through virtual office hours. During this time, students and families can meet with teachers to review class material or seek additional support.