Ánimo City of Champions Celebrates Class of 2021 with 5-Year Renewal

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On a sunny March afternoon, hundreds of Ánimo City of Champions supporters gathered with crossed fingers and high hopes at the headquarters of the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). Students, teachers and parents expressed the impact that this school has had on their Inglewood community. After an extensive evaluation, LACOE approved a 5-year renewal for Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School, noting the school’s dedication to a high-quality education, commitment to inclusion, and strong record of growth. The crowd of supporters erupted in a united cheer immediately after the announcement, celebrating the confirmation of City of Champions Class of 2021, the school’s very first graduating class. 

Unlike traditional public schools, all charter schools undergo reauthorizations by public school boards to ensure that the schools are effectively serving students and the community. The result is more accountability than any other type of public school. Green Dot Public Schools practices a commitment to excellence, and has a strong track record of demonstrating growth within all of its schools.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, Ánimo City of Champions has provided Inglewood students with a  high-quality education, robust nonacademic support, leadership opportunities, and a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. The school serves families in Inglewood alongside Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School, which has served the community for nearly 20 years. Together, these schools provide high-quality public school options to families within the boundaries of Inglewood Unified; while other schools in Green Dot’s network serve neighboring areas

Ánimo City of Champions has grown since opening in 2017 to provide college-ready opportunities to over 250 students. Through a partnership with Los Angeles Southwest College, the school offers dual enrollment courses on campus. Taught by a college professor, these courses allow students to earn college credit while in high school. This opportunity helps families save money and gives students a head start in college, with many students able to enroll into college a semester ahead. 

In combination with rigorous coursework, Ánimo City of Champions provides opportunities to help students choose the right college for them. Through a series of school organized trips, students have visited colleges and universities across the state, including Stanford University; University of California, Santa Barbara; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; and the University of California, Berkeley. Through these trips, students have experienced college life firsthand and can see themselves in college.

In 2021, we will celebrate Ánimo City of Champions’ first graduating class. As the school continues to grow, we have no doubt that it will continue to uphold the culture of excellence Green Dot  has created in the Inglewood community.