Four Green Dot High Schools Named Top Los Angeles Public Schools for Underserved Students

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In an effort to highlight Los Angeles schools successfully serving African American and Latino students in historically underserved communities, a report issued by Innovate Public Schools and USC provides a glimpse into the best institutions for closing achievement gaps.

Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School, Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School, Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School, and Ánimo Leadership Charter High School were recognized as four of the 279 schools being recognized as Top Los Angeles Public Schools for Underserved Students for the 2017-2018 school year. The University of Southern California Sol Price Center for Social Innovation and Rossier School of Education Center for Education Policy, Equity and Governance created this report to recognize schools closing the achievement gap for historically underserved students.

“We believe in the incredible potential of every child. Across Los Angeles County, there are many schools that provide the type of education that gives students great life choices and pushes them to achieve their full potential. Unfortunately, those schools are too few and far between for low-income families,” said Jeimee Estrada, Regional Vice President, of Innovate Public Schools, in her email announcing the recognition.

We are honored to receive this recognition, our schools strive to serve students who fall through the cracks in the traditional school system. Green Dot is committed to preparing the college graduates needed to build and sustain pathways to prosperity in the communities we serve. “We know that our schools are helping unleash the potential of the communities we serve that have been underserved historically--and we’re proud of the progress that students have made in academic achievement and the support our educators have provided to close gaps. At Green Dot, we believe that when it comes to preparing all students to graduate ready for college, leadership, and life, all means all,” said Dr. Cristina de Jesus, President & CEO of Green Dot Public Schools California.