Green Dot Educators Share Excitement in Reopening this School Year

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For the last two years, educators across the country have grappled with the safest way to serve our students during a world-wide pandemic. Across the network, Green Dot schools have provided families with devices to access live-instruction distance learning, hybrid, and in-person learning experiences, after school support, and alternatives to ensure every student receives a high-quality public school education.

This fall, following the guidelines from leading health agencies across our nation, our schools are welcoming students on campus for the 2021-2022 school year. In preparation for this school year, safety has been our number one concern. We know that our students learn best in the classroom and next to their peers. This is why it is so exciting for us to physically return to our small, tight knit learning communities that help our students thrive.

As we eagerly await for our hallways to once again echo with the laughter of students, our educators have shared what they are most excited for this school year.


“I’m looking forward to starting a new year fresh, and interacting with students, families and staff. I am excited about building new connections and doing my best to support and help our Team and students at ASLA!”

— Wendy Chaves, Assistant Principal at Ánimo South Los Angeles Charter High School


"With the 2021-2022 school year approaching, I am most excited about the opportunity to partner with teachers and students to bring out the greatness that resides within each of them while making a strong impact within the community. I am determined and hopeful that this school year will be a game changer! “Excellence is the standard, not the goal.”

— Tamikia Greene, Assistant Principal at M.L. King Middle School

Bluff City logo

“Bluff City High School is excited to have the Wolf Pack back on campus. While our main focus is to ensure we are preparing our students for college, leadership, and life, we are also aware of the need to keep them safe and support their social and emotional well-being. Please join our monthly P.A.C.K. meetings held every third Thursday via Zoom for updates on the events taking place at BCHS. The meeting information will be sent out each month and posted on social media. We are looking forward to connecting with our parents and community during the 2021-2022 school year. “

Lameika Pegues, Principal at Bluff City High School

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“We’re looking forward to providing parents and students with the reassurance that, at City of Champions, we are intentionally working to keep students and families safe—all while creating a thriving academic culture.”

— DeAnthony Friday, Assistant Principal at Ánimo City of Champions Charter High School


“I’m looking forward to connecting with our staff, students, and families to restore old relationships and create new ones. At Ánimo James B. Taylor, we are excited, energized, and ready to engage all students in fun and meaningful lessons that challenge thinking in a safe and supportive environment. Can’t wait to see all of our JBT Titans on the first day of school!!!

Tiana Diggs, Principal at James B. Taylor Charter Middle School

Kirby Middle School Logo

“I’m most excited about the innovative ideas that our team has come up with in order to make Kirby be a place that our students are excited to come to every day and that will leave them with so many positive memories that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. The planning and work that our Student Support team and Admin team has done this summer to prepare for the start of the year make me confident that we’ll have high attendance and record academic growth and achievement this year!”

Marian Williams, Principal at Kirby Middle School


"I am so very excited about creating a community culture for the classroom. Everyone will have a hand in creating an environment where they can thrive personally and academically. They’ll be able to express their true voices and discover their own impacts in this world! We’re raising a generation of change-makers who are on the cusp of realizing their own brilliance!"

— Whitney Carney, Teacher at Hillcrest High School

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“I’m looking forward to the joy of seeing students playing, hearing laughter, and witnessing amazing instruction delivered by our school's talented teachers.

Angela Rodriguez ,Principal at Ánimo Mae Jemison Charter Middle School

Fairley logo

“I am excited to start this school year because all students will be in person. I have missed daily interactions with students!”

 Christina Austin, Principal at Fairley High School


"As we approach the start of the 2021-2022 school year, I am most excited about the sense of normalcy we as educators have practiced and prepared for students. I am also excited to meet students and help them see and be the best version of themselves no matter what they have experienced in the years prior. I am determined to make this upcoming year the start of their best years yet!"

Yunekia Pollard, Assistant Principal at M.L. King Middle School


“I’m looking forward to welcoming students back to campus for in-person learning!”

 Ife Oyedele, Principal at Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy

Animo Compton Logo

"I’m looking forward to bringing enrichment courses to all students!"

Chaleese Norman, Principal at Ánimo Compton Charter School

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“I’m looking forward to reconnecting with students in person and supporting students and staff through this transitional period. I've missed you all!”

 Michelle Wilson, Assistant Principal at Ánimo Pat Brown Charter High School


“I am excited to welcome students back to campus and make up for time (and learning) loss.”

 Lauren Morimoto-Alvarez, Assistant Principal at Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy