New Year, New School! Doors are Open at Ánimo Compton

This month, Green Dot’s newest school in California, Ánimo Compton Charter School opened its doors to smiling faces and eager minds at the Vanguard Learning Center in Compton. Ánimo Compton is Green Dot California’s first school to serve sixth through twelfth grade students. We’ve learned over the years that if we are able to serve students earlier in their lives, we can help ensure their longer term success by providing a consistent college-going culture in their formative years.

Serving the Compton Community

Green Dot Public Schools continues to grow its network of schools in communities that can most benefit from our academic and operational model. Ánimo Compton is providing our founding sixth and seventh grade students with a high quality education and rigorous learning experiences to ensure they are prepared for college, leadership, and life.

Ánimo Compton

“Student success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey that begins as soon as a student walks through the doors of Ánimo Compton,” said Chaleese Norman, Ánimo Compton’s founding principal.

“We are working to ensure that all our students graduate from our school believing in the impossible and are able to go out into the world with the belief that they can live their dreams to the fullest through the avenue of education.”

For seventh grade twins Malasia and Kaila Deooley, Ánimo Compton is providing a fresh start and an opportunity to build a roadmap to college. Most importantly they are excited to not be the only twins at their new school.“It’s a relief because people always ask us if we can read each other's minds,” chuckled Malasia.

Building the Foundation

Students aren’t the only ones excited about Ánimo Compton, educators are thrilled to be serving families in the community. “We're planning on building so much culture, love, and care on this campus,” said Wayne Chapman, physical education teacher at Ánimo Compton. “Being an African American male it's amazing to have this opportunity to come back and serve my community. Growing up I don't remember having too many African American teachers so being in this position is a blessing.”

As we go in to this new school, year we are looking forward to serving our students and the Compton community. We are committed to changing the odds for students regardless of zip codes, and putting all students on the path to college.

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