From Federal Grants to Fundamental Facts- Get the News About Public Charter Schools

Last week, the U.S. Department of Education announced $157 Million in new grants for the expansion and creation of public charter schools. Positive recognition, like the Newsweek’s list of America’s top High Schools, which mentions three Green Dot Public Schools, exemplifies the way public charter schools are transforming public education. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, echoes the sentiments of Green Dot in his press conference announcing the grants,

All students have the right to an education that prepares them for college and their careers, and we’re thrilled that a growing number of charter schools create opportunities for students to achieve just that. In particular, we are excited to see so many high-quality Charter Management Organizations focused on replicating successful models in high-needs communities. As we celebrate charter schools that help children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we must continue empowering educators to create great schools while holding ourselves to the highest possible standards of excellence.

Green Dot Public Schools is thrilled for the Charter Management Organizations (CMOs) that will continue to offer quality public school choice to their communities.

The Truth About Charters

The narrative around public charter schools is Truth About Chartersnot always favorable, and standardized testing results are often targeted and skewed by those who oppose charter schools. Since each state determines charter laws independently, there are different regulations implemented from state to state. This fact can result in misinformed critics of public charter schools.

Our partners at California Charter Schools Association have created a series of straightforward tips to inform the public about California Charters. “The Truth About Charters” helps clarify the most common myths about public charter schools in California.

Green Dot works together, along with other CMOs, to provide the facts around public charter schools. Green Dot Public Schools continues to provide quality public schools in traditionally underserved communities. Through teacher support and training, a culture of excellence and responsibility, students have a better shot at success in college, leadership, and life due to the hard work of families, teachers, school leaders, and students themselves: It’s an indisputable fact.


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