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Your generosity and support for Green Dot Public Schools has helped us create a wealth of opportunities for the students we so proudly serve. We’d like to thank you for your constancy in helping us prepare the next generation of great Americans.

We imagine a future when every child, regardless of what neighborhood they live in, can enjoy excellent public schools, safe streets, and fulfilling careers. With your partnership, we believe that our cities can achieve this dream. There is no more powerful way to support this vision than through your generosity at this time of year—it sustains the hard work and devotion of our educators across the Green Dot Public Schools network.

Help Green Dot’s Mission

Our clear focus on equity, both in our mission and in our instructional model, is a unique contribution to public education that is needed now more than ever. Your generosity helps us provide instruction focused on academic growth for all students, regardless of background or zip code. Whether, in Boyle Heights or Whitehaven, Inglewood or Tacoma, or in a dozen other neighborhoods in California, Tennessee, and Washington State, Green Dot’s schools are changing the odds for students.

Where the college-going rate in the communities we serve was typically 3 in 10, Green Dot helped nearly 2000 graduates get to college this year, at a rate that exceeds 90% of our senior class. There is no better evidence that we are helping students close the opportunity gap than this—and your gift today can make all the difference.

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