GDPST students celebrate mid-year academic achievements

The return to in person classes to the Green Dot Public Schools in Tennessee brought in some exciting news as students in Middle Schools outperformed results from last year midterm iReady exams by double digits. “This is probably the most promising IReady data that we’ve had in several years, so it’s making us feel quite…


Literacy Leaps Ahead at Kirby


“We don’t always know where students are coming from, they may or may not have the same background as us, but it’s our job to understand them.” – Monifa Roberts Monifa Roberts is a Literacy Enrichment Teacher at Kirby Middle School in Memphis, TN. Though a veteran public educator with over a decade of teaching experience,…


The Magic of Turning Red Dots to Green

Red dots green

Since Green Dot’s founding 15 years ago, it has been our mission to turn red dots green. We hear from the perspective of a teacher who has seen the difference before and after Green Dot accepted leadership of Wooddale Middle School.


The Science Behind a School Restart

Fairley HS Students Studying

Green Dot Public Schools is seeking to disrupt the cycle of poverty in under served neighborhoods with a goal of graduating students at a higher rate than their peers in more affluent areas. The idea is that the more normative post-secondary opportunities and readiness are, the more gateways out of poverty can grow. We already know that one’s chances of escaping poverty tumble without a quality post-secondary education.