The 74 — Terry: 3 Things Every New Teacher Should Know That the Advice Books Won’t Tell Them

New Teacher
New Teacher


By Kris Terry
Director of History Programs and New Teacher Development,
Green Dot Public Schools California

The first year of teaching is notoriously hard, pushing even the most enthusiastic and prepared newbie to their limits. Endless books have been written on how to “survive” it. I would know. I read them all in preparation for my first year teaching at Compton High School in 1996.

Although these books did provide me with valuable instructional and classroom management tools and strategies, they didn’t address how to thrive in the first year of teaching and beyond. That, I had to learn on the job.

Below are three practical tips to help you thrive in your first year of teaching and beyond, gleaned from my own experience as a new teacher, school principal, and director of new teacher development.

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