The Broad Center–Equity, Inclusion and Welcoming Learning Environments Fill Us With Pride


A classroom should be a place of discovery, creativity and positivity as students grow and thrive. While we focus a lot of energy on what students learn, the classroom climate can also have a tremendous impact on student achievement. According to a recent Human Rights Campaign survey, students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender report being harassed and bullied at school — both verbally and physically — at twice the rate of their peers, making them more likely to disconnect from school and experience negative educational outcomes.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in our schools is not only crucial for the student’s well-being, it is necessary to ensuring equity. Green Dot Public Schools California, a national leader in turning around previously low-performing schools, is continuing to push themselves and their dedication to their students and staff who identify as LGBTQ+.

“Our mission at Green Dot Public Schools is to help transform public education so all students can be successful in college, leadership and life,” said Broad Residency alumna Nithya Rajan, Green Dot’s vice president of strategic planning. “And for us, all means all.”