The New School Year Comes at an Unprecedented Time for Green Dot Educators

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COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented shift in education, but while the pandemic has created many new challenges, it has also inspired our schools to innovate and develop new ways to serve our students, families, and communities. As we head into the new school year, our stellar team of educators are sharing their perspectives.

Over the summer, we reflected on the lessons we learned in spring and collaborated with our educators and union partners to refine existing practices and develop innovative ways to provide students with a high-quality educational experience.  This fall, our students will take advantage of a full-day distance learning program that includes:

  • New, live, and interactive lessons led by our fully-equipped teachers. 
  • Six-course schedule, including opportunities for electives 
  • 210 minutes of real time instruction, 
  • An Academic Preparation period for students to complete assignments,
  • Structured times for breaks, lunch and office hours.
  • Transparent grading and assignment policies

"For the first time ever, we are given an opportunity to reinvent our teaching practice with a massive wave of incredible advancements in technology. With the consistent creativity of our leaders and the invaluable collaboration of our colleagues, Green Dot  will continue to have a monumental impact on our students. And once we’ve successfully fostered a community of rigor through a screen, it’s hard to imagine the exponential impact we will have when we meet our students face to face.” 

Rachel Kopera, Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School art teacher

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"While our physical schools are closed- this is a very special year for the Champions. Animo City of Champions will have our 1st graduating class. So while COVID 19 has challenged us all with lots of ‘firsts’- we are overjoyed to experience our ‘first’ senior class. So to all of our students- who are experiencing ‘firsts’- Welcome to the Champion family- this is only the beginning."

Cen`Cere Cooks, Animo City of Champions Charter High School principal

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"I am excited to learn new ways to educate my students. This year may be trying and somewhat scary for some, but I am going into the year with a positive attitude and going to do whatever it takes to get it right!"

Christina Austin, Fairley High School principal 

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“This fall we find ourselves struggling with an unprecedented pandemic and an historical fight for civil rights in this nation. As educators and advocates for our students we have been placed on the front lines of both of these battles fighting to improve our society. That honor and responsibility is what I am bringing to my work each day this semester.” 

— Nathaniel Pickering, Animo Pat Brown Charter High School English teacher


Our Animo Westside family has been working really hard since March to provide students the highest quality education possible in this new format.  As Albert Einstein once said “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunities.”  We have embraced this challenge and I can not wait to get started in the fall with our students.” 

— Joe Little  Ánimo Westside Charter Middle School assistant principal