‘My Personal Hero’ by Vanessa Cisneros

This piece was part of the Ánimo Voices Writing Competition, which invited students to write about innovators, upstanders, visionaries, or rebels that have made a difference in their local or broader communities. The competition was an opportunity to motivate, recognize, and celebrate our strong student voices and writing skills.


by Vanessa Cisneros, 7th grader, Ánimo James B. Taylor Charter Middle School


Do you ever think about how heroes make their decisions or what really makes a hero? Does a hero need to have a cape in order to be a hero? Heroes dedicate themselves to saving people or making others lives easier and better. A hero also risks his or her lives for others. A hero to me just means hard work, dedication and care for others. My heroes are my parents because they have made a big impact in my life. They have taught me everything I know and made me a better person.

My personal definition of a hero is dedication, hard work and risking your life for others. These qualities are important for a hero because a hero needs to work hard to withstand every obstacle. For example a firefighter needs to work hard to be able to prove he will be strong enough to go through buildings on fire. Firefighters everyday risk their lives to save others. Police men also have to work hard to make sure our world is a safe place, they also are putting their lives in risk when their is need to a fight. These people are dedicating themselves to risking their lives and are hard working. Without these qualities people would be selfish and the world wonäó»t be a safe place. If heroes didnäó»t work hard then people would be lazy. If people didnäó»t have dedication then people would be lost and not know what to do. If people did not take risks they wouldnäó»t know new things and ways to be successful. We can all be heroes with these qualities.

In my life my heroes are my parents because they work hard so we can have a good life and for there to always be food on the table. They have dedicated their lives for us to have a healthy and educated life. My parents are hard working, I know this because they work almost everyday, all day. Since the start they have put the family before themselves. There has never been a time where we needed anything because of the hardworking parents I have. I know that everything they do is for us. They have made the biggest sacrifices for me and the family. My parents have risked themselves for me by putting me first in situations like when it is raining they give us the umbrella risking themselves to getting sick.

My parents have made me a better person and taught me everything I know. My mom and dad have always been strict about school because they expects me to do my best. My mom has always been there when I needed help on homework to when I need her when there is a problem at school. My dad works a lot but when he is not working we talk about my day to about life. He has always expected the most from all of us. It is fun to always talk to both of my parents and hear all of the stories about their childhood that have inspired me, my parents are my inspiration to trying my best. They have pushed me to when I did a mistake to rewarding me when I have accomplished something. Their hard work dedication and risk taking changed be by giving me a good influence. From their hard work, dedication and risk taking I learned to not be selfish and think about others. Later on in the future I will be able to help people the way they helped me. They are the best parents I could wish for.

Heroes are hardworking, dedication, and risk their lives, these qualities are important because they help people be better. My parents have these qualities which makes them my heroes, they have impacted my life because they have taught me everything I know and made me a better person. Heroes are important because they change people and make them better.

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