United Parents and Students Celebrates a Successful Summit Focused on Creating Positive Change Across Los Angeles


On Saturday, December 2, United Parents and Students (UPAS), in conjunction with Green Dot Public Schools and an array of other organizations, hosted thousands of local parents, students, and community members at the fourth ForwardLA summit—an event intended to create an action-oriented space where the community can come together to address key issues that deeply affect local families and students.


Watch Three Green Dot Students Along Their Road to College

We debuted these vignettes at our regional back-to-school kick-off event, All Green Dot Day. The theme of the videos, “The Road to College,” is reinforced by the signs hanging over the doors of each Green Dot classroom. It is a celebration of everything our students become and can become because of the hard work of…


Mock Interviews Prepare Green Dot Students for Future Careers

Mock Interviews

Oscar de la Hoya Ánimo High School staff partnered with professionals and business leaders across Los Angeles, including Green Dot Ambassadors, to simulate real-world interview experiences at its annual Mock Interviews event, which helps our students polish and refine skills necessary to pursue future careers.


It’s All About the Students

Green Dot ASLA Student

We have an expression at Green Dot that captures one of our core beliefs: It’s all about the students. Everything we do, every decision we make, every piece of curriculum we consider, we measure it against the positive difference it might make for our students.


What It Means to Be Green

The color green can mean many things, but for Green Dot Public Schools it stands for growth, opportunity, being open to possibilities, and getting going.