Boosters tour Ánimo James B. Taylor, meet with students and teachers

Livetours resumed with the visit of friends and boosters of the Green Dot Public Schools network at Ánimo James B. Taylor Charter Middle School (AJBT) in Watts, a Los Angeles neighborhood long served by our schools.. Principal Tiana Diggs and Assistant Principal Naomi Yokota led the visitors, who toured the school facilities in South Los…


Help Make College Access Possible For All


This year, across our network, each of our 30 schools is fundraising to help underwrite college tours or SAT/ACT prep for their students. Give today and make an impact on the lives of nearly 15,000 students in chronically underserved communities.


Leading During a Time of Giving

Giving Tree

Throughout the year, the Associated Student Body (ASB) at Ánimo Leadership Charter High School addresses various social and cultural issues that impact the community around the school. Involvement in the ASB provides students with a deeper understanding of important issues and allows them to directly participate with a specific focus.


Meet the Next Great American


Your support this holiday season can help put students on the path to college. By helping promote our campaign throughout your networks, you can help amplify the support that Green Dot needs to serve our students, communities, and schools.


Immersive Learning Takes Off at the Locke Jetspace

immersive learning

Too often, our learning spaces are isolated from the vitality of the surrounding community. Green Dot Public Schools’ commitment to students’ potential means providing an immersive, educational space where students, teachers, and professionals can meet and collaborate to develop real world skills and think in unconventional ways. The JetSpace is an example of such a space.